Center for Quality Community Life


Providing relief to the low income, distressed and underpriveleged families in the community.

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Help for Low-Income Families in Milwaukee

Center for Quality Community Life, Inc. is a non-profit organization founded in 2010 to improve the socio-economic, education and health conditions of the underprivileged families in the Milwaukee Community.

Most of us take for granted the basic necessities of life: food, shelter, health, education and family. However, there are many families in Milwaukee Community who do not have these essential necessities and do not have hope for the future. CQCL's goal is to help provide these necessities for impoverished families through the Milwaukee Community. At CQCL, we have begun to work toward improving the lives of families by implementing our Mom and Infants Learning Wellness (MILW) program that assists low income expectant moms, moms and infants sustain a healthy life-style.

Our Day Treatment and Outpatient Clinical Services provide treatment of substance abuse/addiction. CQCL's Baal-Perazim AODA Services offers a holistic treatment approach that encompasses client's environmental, emotional, physical and social aspects, while addressing ethnic and cultural values.